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14 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Sucks At Doing Their Nails

We hope you love the products we recommend!

  • Create no-effort nail art with mermaid stencil stickers.


  • Erase manicure mistakes with a corrector pen you can refill with your favorite polish remover.


  • Paint latex around your nails to keep the polish off your skin and cuticles.


    Just peel it off after your nails are dry and voila!

  • Or use these easy peel-and-stick protectors to keep your mani from getting messy.


    If you don’t tear them, they’re even reusable!

  • Fake it ‘til you make it with nail wraps that look like intricate nail art.


    Just place the precut shape on your nail, wrap the excess under the front of your nail, and seal with a top coat.

  • Use a sticky base coat that helps polish adhere to the nail (and prevent it from chipping off).


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